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fukuoka hakata

Masahiro Kashiwa


What are the skills or connections you have acquired since moving in?

I have created a network. I feel like I’m in a bookstore. When I’m in a large bookstore, there are books, such as insect ecology and ancient architecture, that are outside the genres I’m interested in. They catch my eyes and spark my interest. It’s the same at The Company. Interaction with people working in various fields may give us unexpected ideas and connections.


What is The Company’s best feature?

The OPEN atmosphere is attractive. People who are not members also come and go for meetings, etc. There is an active flow of people and I feel that the “synergy is very good”? If you are working in one place like a general corporation, social interaction may be limited to or dependent on human relations not related to work, but “good synergy” means valuable minutes of interaction while still being able to concentrate on the work.