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Project Name: 2018 Hawks Cafe Renewal Signage Project

Project Outline: Delivery of a set of signage-related matters developed together for the  renovated Hawks Café in Yahoo Auction Dome. We proposed to develop a design to create momentum and excite the youth and the rest of the spectators and participants during big events.




Q. What was it like working together with The Company members?
A. Good quality, very good delivery date.


Q. What does “The Company” mean to you?
A. A convenient workspace with friends and partners nearby whom I can easily consult with.
There is also a sense of community that makes working easy.


Ritaya design

Q.What made you start doing project together with The Company members?
A.When I was looking for an excellent producer, I was able to meet Zero-Ten’s Hirayama-san, and when I consulted him about various projects from our company, I was able to work on this project with him.


Q. What does “The Company” mean to you?
A. Being inspired by many excellent people. It is a heart-warming and peaceful place.