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2019.01.30 |

“The Company Nakasu Kawabata” scheduled to open in April 2019!

Zero-Ten Park Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City Hakata-ku,
 Representative Director: Jiro Enomoto) 
who runs the project creation type workspace & community's "The Company (The Company) 
The Company Nakasu Kawabata "will be opened.
 The third base in Japan as a base is scheduled to open in April 2019,
and members with membership can mutually use all "The Company" stores 
in Japan and overseas. By opening in the middle of business center Hakata and Tenjin,
 we will aim to revitalize multi location which is one of the strengths of The Company.
 Currently, the number of residential enterprises 
and members has increased to about 360 companies · 750 in both domestic and overseas (6 bases in 5 countries),
 further increase in number and expansion of community is anticipated according 
to planned domestic and overseas store opening plans.

Peess release here.


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