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2023.12.27 |

「Nippon Nomad CoWorking Pass」を発売しました!

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 TeamPlaceのデジタルノマド向け新規サービス「Nippon Nomad CoWorking Pass」でキャナルシティ博多前店 / 福岡PARCO店 / ミーナ天神店が利用可能に!




そのような方々のために、The Companyは、全国700拠点以上ワークプレイスのサブスクリプションプラットフォーム「TeamPlace」とサービス提携し、外国人観光客・デジタルノマド向けの英語Welcomeな仕事場のパスポート「Nippon Nomad CoWorking Pass」をご利用いただけるようになりました。




■Nippon Nomad CoWorking Passの概要

対象ワークプレイス: 全国24ヶ所に点在する、英語Welcomeなワークプレイス (参加施設は順次増加予定)

料金: 3,300円(税込)〜

時間数: 5時間〜

期間: 3ヶ月〜



★The Companyでパスのご利用はもちろん、店舗受付や下記QRコードでの購入も可能です





TeamPlace’s New Service for Digital Nomads: “Nippon Nomad CoWorking Pass” Now Available at Canal City Hakata, Fukuoka PARCO, and Mina-Tenjin branches!


With the end of COVID-19 border measures and a surge in tourists and digital nomads visiting Japan from overseas, we often receive inquiries about where to find good workplaces while visiting Japan.


To address this need, The Company has partnered with TeamPlace, a subscription platform for workspaces with over 700 locations nationwide, to offer the “Nippon Nomad CoWorking Pass,” a passport to English-friendly workplaces tailored for foreign tourists and digital nomads.


We aim to energize Fukuoka as an ideal location for the new lifestyle of working while traveling, known as “Digital Nomad Life,” by connecting everyone, not just Japanese but also international visitors, with workspaces, the local area, and people in Fukuoka.


■Overview of the Nippon Nomad CoWorking Pass

Target Workplaces: English-friendly workspaces scattered across 24 locations nationwide (more facilities to join progressively)

Price: From 3,300 yen (tax included)

Hours: From 5 hours

Duration: From 3 months

※For detailed information about service availability areas and how to use the service, please visit the URL:


★You can use the pass at The Company, as well as purchase it at store’s reception or via the QR code below.

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